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  1. *H. Ohfuji, T. Okada, T. Yagi, H. Sumiya, and T. Irifune, Application of nano-polycrystalline diamond to laser-heated diamond anvil cell experiments, High Pressure Res., 30, 142-150, 2010.  Link

  2. *K. Kitagawa, H. Gotou, T. Yagi, A. Yamada, T. Matsumoto, Y. Uwatoko, and M. Takigawa, Space Efficient Opposed-Anvil High-Pressure Cell and Its Application to Optical and NMR Measurements up to 9 GPa, J. Phys. Soc. Jpn., 79, 024001(1-8), 2010.  Link

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  12. *M. Matsushita, T. Inoue, I. Yoshimi, E. Yamaoka, T. Irifune, F. Ono, H. Ogiyama, and T. Kikegawa, Pressure-volume-temperature relationship of Fe72Pt28 alloy under high pressure and temperature, J. Phys.: Conference series, 215, 012014(1-4), 2010.  Link

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