Role of Water in the Deep Earth
- Research Project using a New Neutron Source -

The Earth is sometimes called as “Water planet”, which means the existence of water is a characteristic feature of our planet. Water plays important role, not only on the surface, but in various phenomena inside the Earth. However, X-ray diffraction, which was so far the most powerful tool to study the Earth’s materials, cannot see hydrogen directly. The purpose of this “Innovated Area” is to construct a new beam line dedicated to the present research project at J-PARC, a new pulsed-neutron source of the world leading class, which has just started the operation in 2008. Then a new high-pressure and temperature apparatus for neutron diffraction experiments will be developed and installed in this beam line. Using these new facilities, various studies to clarify the behavior of water in hydrous minerals and magmas will be conducted under the condition corresponding to that from the crust to the top of the lower mantel. Ultimate goal is to understand the role of water (and hydrogen) in various phenomena inside the Earth from the atomic levels.

(Project Leader, Takehiko Yagi, Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo)

What's new!

Here comes first beam in high-pressure neutron diffractometer PLANET.
Photo album (in Japanese)


The joint conference with the members of the Creative Scientific Research group was held in Nasu.
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Three of our members went to Bayreuth University to inspect and test the 6-axis compression high-pressure apparatus.
Photo album (in Japanese)

The spring school for high-pressure neutron was held in Ehime University from Mar. 2 through 3.
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The technical meeting and the core members meeting was held at Tokyo University.

The advisory committee meeting for High-pressure neutron BL was held in Mito.
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A preliminary experiment that used "Takumi" of J-PARC was conducted on June 7,10 and 11.
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The official name and the abbreviation of the high-pressure neutron beam line were decided.
・The official name : High Pressure Neutron Diffractometer        
・The abbreviation :PLANET : (High) Pressure Leading Apparatus for Neutron Diffraction

A preliminary experiment that used "Takumi" of J-PARC was conducted from Feb. 16 through 19.
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Acceptance of applications for research projects for FY was started.

The J-PARC instruments committee approved the installation of high-pressure beam line in BL11.

The kick off meeting was held at Tokai. Photo album (in Japanese)


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